Anti mosquito nets pleated

anti mosquito nets on door
anti-mosquito nets
Anti-mosquito nets are a very useful invention that allows you to block uninvited guests from entering the room - annoying flies, mosquitoes and other insects. However, placing an ordinary frame mesh on a beautiful expensive wooden window is, to say the least, not aesthetically pleasing. We offer our clients to install an elegant new product – sliding pleated mosquito nets. A pleated anti-mosquito net is a structure consisting of an accordion-folded fabric and a mechanism that allows you to control the opening. In addition to thoughtful functionality, this type of mosquito nets has an impeccable appearance. When folded, it is practically invisible, and depending on the chosen color scheme, it either unobtrusively fits into the interior or serves as an original design element. The pleated mesh fabric has such small cells that it prevents not only the smallest insects, but also street dust and even plant pollen from entering the room. Poplar fluff will no longer be able to create inconvenience for you; in addition, the mesh improves the indoor microclimate by blocking direct sunlight. The mosquito net will also be a reliable barrier that will prevent your pets from escaping and will stop a child who could look out of the eye, putting himself in danger. The convenience and reliability of the design allows you to create protection not only for windows, but also for any open openings, including large widths and heights. The maximum height of the structure is 3 meters, the length is practically unlimited. Pleated mosquito nets are perfect for protecting entrance doors. Thanks to pleating, the fabric does not sag, forming an evenly stretched fabric over the entire surface. The mesh can be fixed in any intermediate position; a special sealing brush ensures there are no gaps. For the production of anti-mosquito pleated nets, high-quality synthetic fabric is used that is resistant to atmospheric influences and temperature changes. They do not need to be dismantled for the winter; just fold them up. The mechanism is so perfect in its simplicity that, if used carefully, it will last for many years. The structure is mounted in an opening or on a box, and it can be folded both vertically and horizontally. If your windows still do not have protection from insects and dust, or you are not satisfied with the obsolete mesh, contact us. Our managers will help you select and install a pleated mosquito netaccording to your parameters.
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