Triangular wooden windows


Triangular windows are attractive because they can accurately repeat the contours of a gable roof, giving the facade lightness and the room maximum illumination. Typically, this technique was used in country cottages, glazing attics and rooms under the roof with blind triangular windows. Making them open was quite risky, since the hinges could not cope with the load.

From the point of view of classical architecture, triangular windows, like other windows with bevels, should be located on a triangular pediment, so they are practically not made on a rectangular facade. It is not recommended to place them close to the roof, as this may spoil the appearance of the building. The windows installed vertically on the roof in triangular openings – lucarnes – look original.

Today, architects, constantly looking for an opportunity to add interesting details to the project of an individual residential building, are increasingly proposing to decorate the house with large windows of complex shapes, including triangular ones. Modern technologies make it possible to produce wooden triangular frames with different aspect ratios. However, it should be remembered that if one of the angles is less than 30⁰, it is more practical to glaze such an opening with a structure consisting of two frames, one of which will be made in the form of a right triangle, and the second in the form of a trapezoid.

With the help of modern fittings, triangular windows can be made to open, but not tilt and turn. Hinges for opening or tilting are most often installed on the short side; you need to carefully consider how convenient it will be to open the sash.

A triangular window can be decorated with overlays - imposts located at different angles. In addition to the decorative effect, this technique allows you to give the sash additional strength.

Our most experienced craftsmen always take measurements for the manufacture of windows of complex shapes, who can suggest the optimal glazing option.

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