Accordion windows made of wood Patio Fold


Wooden accordion windows are distinguished not only by their unusual and very attractive appearance, but also by their unsurpassed compactness. When folded, they take up virtually no space, and even in narrow spaces they can be used to create real portals.

Windows with large glass that can practically disappear at any time are ideal for glazing loggias, balconies and terraces. It’s hard to believe, but thanks to modern fittings, accordion-shaped windows can be made practically airtight and used as an entrance. Even in our climate, which is not very favorable for creating light-permeable structures over large areas, accordion windows made of wood will serve as a reliable barrier to cold air.

There are several design options for accordion windows - Patio Fold fittings. The doors in them can be of two types - active, providing movement, and controlled and dependent. They are connected using special hinges and impost-free mechanisms (shtulpov). This type of connection is less common than the now common impost connection, but numerous tests confirm its reliability and strength.

Using different types, you can choose a combination that will be ideal for specific conditions of use. The outer doors or the middle ones can be tilt-and-turn; it can be opened by “squeezing” the entire accordion or by folding the middle doors and folding the resulting “stack” into the accordion.

Some of our customers share doubts about the practicality of such a design. Doubts are quite justified, because even if very high-quality accordion window frames are installed without following technology or a poor-quality seal is used, after some time the seal may be broken.

The guarantee we give for products and installation allows our customers not to worry about problems during operation.

You can ask our managers questions regarding options for manufacturing accordion windows.

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