Sliding window system Patio Sky

Patio Sky is an innovative design of wood-aluminum lift-sliding doors, which is characterized by the absence of a typical blind leaf. In this system, glazing in the frame and threshold is used in the blind part of the window. Thanks to this, the double-glazed window is not limited by sash profiles and the effect of maximum light in the interior is achieved. And the glazing in the sliding sash is made without the use of an external wooden strip, instead of which the double-glazed window is pressed against an aluminum profile. This makes the system even more reliable, especially when using large double-glazed windows. Available in wood, as well as wood-aluminium.
Suitable for:
- window sash weight up to 400 kg -total frame width 6700 mm - sash rebate width 760-3335 mm - sash rebate height 1175-2675 mm
Opening pattern
Scheme C
Scheme A - left
Scheme A - right
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