Panoramic windows - glazing of large openings with the Power Hinge system

Roto has once again presented a solution that can fundamentally change the way consumers think about the options available to modern window manufacturers. The Power Hinge system, designed for glazing window and door openings, allows you to achieve previously unattainable sash sizes. Nowadays, rooms filled with natural light, reliably protected from the vagaries of the weather by energy-saving multi-chamber double-glazed windows, have become a reality.

It would seem that what does the fittings decide, since the main thing is high-quality frames and double-glazed windows? However, when it comes to securing the sash securely and allowing it to open easily, the size and weight of the frame pose significant limitations to the plans of designers and architects. Today, manufacturers can ensure a minimum of heat loss, but this requires the use of several layers of glass. Accordingly, the total weight of the structure and the requirements for the load that the fittings can withstand increase.

The Power Hinge system is a truly powerful offering, with the manufacturer's stated frame sizes being so large that no manufacturer has been able to provide them before. Judge for yourself: the maximum height of the sash is up to 3 meters, and the width is up to 1.6 m. An original engineering solution allows you to easily control the sash with a gigantic weight. In the swing-out version it is 200 kg, and in the rotary version – up to 300 kg. It's hard to believe, but reinforced hinges make opening and closing so smooth and easy that even a child can handle it without difficulty.

The Power Hinge system is recommended for use in rooms with high ceilings. Now the number of sashes into which the window opening is divided can be reduced to a minimum. The reliability of this fittings allows it to be used for installing doors that allow a large flow of visitors through.
Particular attention to design is another distinctive feature of the Power Hinge system. The hinges and handles are made in such a way that they do not spoil the appearance of the windows at all, and even for the most expensive wooden frame they will be a worthy addition; they also combine well with aluminum windows. The standard color of the fittings is silver, other options are available upon special order.

The Power Hinge system is designed for those who are not used to compromise and prefer to make the most of all available opportunities. With its help, frames blocking the light fade into the background, giving way to maximum openness. If you want to admire the surrounding landscapes rather than standard windows, pay attention to this option.

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