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Ordinary glass breaks when exposed to high temperatures, but with the help of special physical and chemical treatment it can be given special heat resistance. Fire-resistant glass does not collapse at temperatures up to 1000°C for up to 90 minutes, which significantly reduces the threat to human life and the rate of fire spread.

The widespread use of glass is largely due to the fact that this material transmits light almost unhindered. To determine the degree of translucency of glass, the corresponding coefficient is used, which characterizes the ratio of the light flux passed through the glass sheet to that incident on it. For ordinary window glass, this value is about 88%, and this is a very good indicator.

The popularity of programs in which ordinary apartments or country houses are turned into stylish and comfortable living spaces is popular largely because every viewer can “try on” design solutions, see new items and successful solutions.

Self-cleaning glass is one of the successful attempts to “teach” ordinary glass various useful things. This time, scientists have set themselves a difficult task: the glass must independently decompose the contaminants that have fallen on it, and the decomposition products must be removed under the influence of precipitation.

Colored stained glass windows are an unusual interior element with powerful energy. Bright, colorful rays of sunlight falling through colored glass create a special mood.


The VitHouse company took part in the IV international exhibition “Beautiful Homes. Russian architectural salon".

Frost glass is ordinary glass that has been specially treated to reduce transparency. Matting methods can be different:
- chemical treatment, or etching. Typically, compositions based on hydrofluoric acid are used for this, a potent reagent that destroys the surface layer of glass;
- sandblasting. A powerful jet of tiny sand is directed onto the surface of the glass sheet, leaving microscopic scratches that form a matte surface;

In the traditional sense, glass windows are passive structures that allow natural light to pass through and protect the room from environmental influences.

The invention of electrically heated double-glazed windows has fundamentally changed the situation - now windows can be used as a heating element.

Electrochromic glass is one of the types of Smart glass that has a remarkable ability to change physical properties. Imagine: the same glass can, at the owner’s request, be completely transparent or turn into a wall impenetrable to view.


Ordinary glass is a unique material that is widely used in architecture and design, in everyday life and in production. Its most serious drawback is its fragility, and the larger the sheet of glass, the more damage the fragments can cause. Safety glass does not have this drawback, since when broken, small pieces are formed that do not have sharp edges, and ideally, the glass sheet is covered with a network of cracks, but does not crumble.


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