Self-cleaning glass


Self-cleaning glass is one of the successful attempts to “teach” ordinary glass various useful things. This time, scientists have set themselves a difficult task: the glass must independently decompose the contaminants that have fallen on it, and the decomposition products must be removed under the influence of precipitation.

This idea was realized using titanium dioxide, or TiO2. Many have already heard about the unusual properties of this substance, which was previously used mainly for the manufacture of white paint. It turned out that under certain conditions it has bactericidal properties, can decompose biological substances, fights unpleasant odors, and so on.

It turned out that titanium dioxide in special vacuum chambers can be applied to hot glass in a thin layer. The glass sheet obtained as a result of this operation acquires remarkable characteristics:
- under the influence of sunlight, it triggers photocatalytic reactions, that is, it decomposes biological contaminants;
- the surface of the glass becomes ideally wetted, that is, water does not collect on it in drops, but spreads in the thinnest layer and then dries without streaks or drops.

It should be noted that self-cleaning glass is not a cheap pleasure, and it is most often used not for glazing of residential buildings, but where it is really difficult to clean them. For self-cleaning glass to work, it needs sunlight and natural precipitation, but in the absence of rain, it is enough to rinse it.

There is one more point - the ability to self-clean only applies to organic contaminants, but ordinary dust cannot decompose. However, such glass is still easier to clean than regular glass, but you should not scratch the surface.

Today, self-cleaning glass from several manufacturers is available on the market; we can make double-glazed windows from this glass for your windows.

Call us and our specialists will advise you on the characteristics, cost and features of using self-cleaning glass in your wooden windows.

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