Mid-hung windows. Windows "Tornado".

Up-and-window tornado round
Up-and-rectangular window tornado
Mid-hung windows are another new product that our company can offer to clients who value not only functionality, but also originality. The main distinctive feature of this glazing option is obvious from the name - they are mounted along an axis located exactly in the middle of the window and representing a vertical or horizontal axis of symmetry. Due to this, the window frame can be rotated 180 degrees.
They allow you to glaze large areas with minimal obstacles to sunlight. Where a traditional window would require reinforcing mullions, a mid-hung window provides secure fastening to a large frame area (up to 5 square meters). In this way, round, oval, rectangular or even octagonal openings can be glazed. For the manufacture of frames, we use various types of wood using high-quality covering materials that provide protection for the wood and the decorative effect desired by the customer. These windows cannot be called common, since the fittings necessary for their installation are more expensive than standard ones. At the same time, all the heat-insulating and noise-absorbing properties of such windows are at the same level as those of conventional double-glazed windows. However, they have a number of undeniable advantages over traditional tilt-and-turn windows: - the central locking element reliably prevents unauthorized entry into the premises; - it is very convenient to wash such windows, since the outer surface easily rotates inside the room; - the design provides protection from children and the ability to fix the sash in an intermediate position. If you have any questions regarding the manufacture and installation of mid-hung windows, please contact our managers and you will receive comprehensive advice.
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