Elite wooden windows - VitHouse™

Our wooden windows are found in apartments, private houses, cottages, bars and restaurants, offices, historical buildings (restoration glazing), churches and monasteries.

Turnkey wooden windows VitHouse™

  • Own production
  • Technologists come to you to measure openings at a convenient time
  • Measurement, calculation, production, installation, service in one place
  • Production time 45 days
Premium fittings
  • Long service life
  • High quality
Installation crews on staff
  • Warranty for products and installation in one place
  • High quality work on glazing of houses and cottages
  • Installation of any complexity, including at height
5 year warranty and service
Warranty and service maintenance - 5 years from the date of installation.

Frame made of laminated veneer lumber

We produce windows from laminated veneer lumber from pine, larch and oak. Optionally we offer mahogany, thermo-ash, afzelia and other noble types of wood suitable for the manufacture of translucent structures. Pine The most common material for the production of window frames. Good structural strength combined with machinability. Larch Golden mean. A low price, combined with excellent weather resistance, high cold resistance and the ability to work in a humid atmosphere, determine the widest range of applications for larch windows. Oak Elite material. Solid, moisture resistant, with a beautiful structure. For customers creating classic interior and exterior solutions. Expensive.

Glass unit

The standard for a 78mm frame is 40mm. Formula 4-14-4-14-4, where 4 is 4 mm float glass, 14 is the width of the spacer frame. If the frame thickness is 90mm, the package is 48mm. Formula 4-18-4-18-4. Upon request, we complete with armored, reinforced, tinted, sun-protection and other double-glazed windows.

Paint coating

Five-layer environmentally friendly paint coating with water-based paints TEKNOS. 20 varnish colors as standard, any covering colors according to RAL. Protection of the outer surfaces of the frame with an aluminum dropper - regenshina. For discerning clients - complete protection of the frame with aluminum overlays from the external environment (wood aluminum windows)
Double-circuit sealing with Deventer materials guarantees sound and heat insulation, protection from blowing, and ensures a microclimate in the room. 6 colors of seals and 9 colors of silicone. Special sealant compositions guarantee long-term operation of wooden window structures.
We produce both simple rectangular and complex curved ones, bent in two planes, with curved double-glazed windows. Arched, round, oval, trapezoidal, triangular windows made of wood will be calculated by engineers with a guarantee of operability, strength, and safety of the structure.
  • - Swing-out
  • - mid-hung, centrally rotating - for kitchens. This system is also called TORNADO
  • - shulpovy, without imposts. Of two doors, both open to form a completely open opening
  • - accordions (accordions), Patio Fold, open openings up to 10 meters
  • - sliding, parallel-sliding, Patio systems for entrance groups, exits to the terrace. They are also sometimes called portals
  • - Power Hinge (Power Hinge) special tilt-and-turn mechanism - designed for sashes up to three meters in height or more
For restoration work we produce double-frame, Finnish glazing.
Decorative elements:
  • - sprockets - decorative aluminum strips placed inside for visual division
  • - linings - strips on the outside of the glass unit
  • - duplex linings - imitation of individual double-glazed windows, often used in English windows
  • - Tiffany stained glass - a technique for making stained glass windows soldered with a special tin tape
  • - bevel - cutting the side parts of glass at an angle
  • - mosquito nets - protection from dust and insects.
  • - pleated mosquito nets – mesh folding into an accordion, we recommend for patio windows
  • - automatic, opening systems for hard-to-reach places.
  • - AerEco ventilators – reduce humidity in rooms without ventilation.
Having gained experience in the production, installation and after-sales service of windows
  • We consult on glazing issues.
  • We make calculations and recommend fastening points.
  • We evaluate the strength and convenience of the design.
  • Designers will suggest a visual solution.
  • We make 3D visualization.
More than 15 years of production experience, skills developed, production connections created. The equipment, trained personnel, and quality control system for manufactured windows are confirmed by the European CE-fix certificate.
We use modern steam, hydro, and sound insulation materials of the highest quality. Mounting on tapes or foam, anchors or plates. Our specialists have over 5 years of experience in installation work. Installation at height. Units and solutions for log houses, wooden houses. Properly installed structures will last a long time and require minimal maintenance - adjustments.


Warranty - 5 years! Consultation, preliminary cost calculation, ordering windows in Moscow by phone:
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