Trapezoidal windows

Trapezoid-shaped windows can be seen quite often. They are usually installed in attic and attic spaces in order to form a window opening of as large an area as possible under a gable roof. This glazing option cannot be called traditional, but its use makes it possible to emphasize the individuality of the building.
It is obvious that not only laying out the opening in a trapezoid shape, but also making non-rectangular frames is more difficult than rectangular ones. However, hexagonal windows, the upper part of which is made in the form of a trapezoid, add sophistication to buildings built at the beginning of the last century in the style of northern modernism. You can see them in Finland and St. Petersburg, as well as in some Polish and Hungarian cities. Modern technologies make it possible to produce wooden trapezoidal windows of large sizes, but in some cases it is more rational to divide the trapezoid into several elements. Sometimes a window in the form of a trapezoid complements a triangular one, and in this way it is possible to glaze a large window opening in the shape of an acute triangle. Typically, this solution is resorted to when it is necessary to glaze a window opening in the shape of a right triangle with an acute angle of less than 30 degrees. Windows in the form of a trapezoid are often made blind, but modern fittings make it possible to turn and tilt them. Trapezoidal windows are manufactured only after careful measurements, as they are always a custom product that will be optimally suited to your home. To receive full consultation from a specialist on the production of trapezoidal windows, please contact the telephone numbers listed on the website.
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