Sliding window doors Patio Alversa

Luxury windows - floor-to-ceiling doors opening onto a garden or terrace have long been a luxury, unavailable not so much because of the high cost, but because of the harsh climatic conditions. However, today we can offer our clients to install comfortable and functional sliding patio windows that will reliably retain heat in accordance with modern energy saving requirements - Patio Alwersa. The windows of the patio system can be used for glazing the facades of country houses and cottages, for arranging access to a terrace or veranda, this is an excellent option for zoning office premises. In a city apartment, the Patio system can be installed as a balcony block. Thanks to anti-burglary fittings, patio windows can serve as a reliable barrier to unauthorized entry into the house; the shutters can be controlled remotely. An original feature of patio windows is the presence of a sealing contour along the entire perimeter of the sash. This glazing system allows maximum light flow into the room, and if an influx of fresh air is needed, the movable sash can be set to micro-ventilation mode. Patio Alversa windows not only look great, but also save space. They usually consist of one movable and one fixed leaf. If aesthetic considerations require it, a blind sash can be visually divided into parts using false sashes. Patio windows usually have a large area, and accordingly, the sash weight is quite large. However, thanks to high-quality fittings, you can literally open and close such a window with one hand. Of course, an indispensable condition for ease and smooth operation is high-quality installation, which is provided by our best specialists.
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