Double-frame, restoration glazing, Finnish windows

Modern technologies for the production of wooden windows, combined with the traditional techniques of the old masters, can produce absolutely amazing results. One of the most striking examples is double-frame windows, which have not yet become widespread, but there is every reason to assume that an increase in their demand will not be long in coming. Almost everyone is familiar with the old double-glazed windows, which were the most common method of glazing homes. The principle of their design is simple and logical - the first frame blocks the path of winds and precipitation, and due to the air gap between the frames, the temperature difference between the room and the outside air is dampened. A significant drawback of conventional double-frame windows was cracks and drafts, so with the advent of double-glazed windows, it might seem that the old technology had become obsolete. However, Finnish windows are a design that has far from exhausted its capabilities, especially if modern technologies are skillfully applied. Today we can offer Finnish double-frame windows of a modern design - the outer frame is made with double-glazed windows, and the inner frame has conventional single glazing. Such windows are called Finnish, since this method of glazing is widespread in this northern country. This is explained by the fact that in damp and cold climates, an additional air layer significantly reduces heat loss, and such windows do not accumulate condensation, that is, they do not “sweat”. Double-frame, Finnish restoration windows are well suited for glazing ancient buildings with thick walls. It should be noted that such windows are more expensive than glazing using multi-chamber double-glazed windows. They are usually ordered in cases where guaranteed maintenance of temperature and humidity conditions in the room is required.
финское окна из дерева
открытое двухрамное окно
открытая створка в финском окне
открытое финское окно
финское трехстворчатое окно
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