Windows of complex configuration (geometry) made of wood


The desire to reduce the cost and standardize the construction of standard housing is in conflict with the sense of beauty, and therefore various windows of complex configuration (geometry), which are still found in modern architecture, invariably attract attention to the facade of the building.

Windows of complex configuration (geometry) are, as a rule, non-standard products, and during their manufacture special attention must be paid to reliability and design. Of course, their production must be based on careful measurements, and before proceeding with the execution of the order, it is necessary to carry out an engineering calculation.

Many of our customers are faced with the fact that companies working with PVC refuse to produce windows of the complex configuration (geometry) they need, citing technological problems, and the reasons for refusal can be different - the window is too large or too small, the corners are too sharp, and so on. Indeed, there are window openings that require a special approach. However, wood is a material that offers much greater scope for design thought, and with the right experience, you can glaze any opening, even the most intricate.

Today, to make windows of complex configuration (geometry), there is almost everything you need - different types of wood, which allows you to select the optimal material in terms of physical properties, and a variety of woodworking equipment. Modern window fittings also deserve special mention. It is in this area that, in recent years, interesting engineering solutions have been found that make it possible to achieve previously unimaginable results. Now windows of complex configuration can be not only fixed, but hinged, turning and tilting. Depending on the specific conditions of use, we will be able to offer the most convenient ways to open the doors.

For questions regarding the manufacture of any windows of complex configuration (geometry), you can contact our managers.

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