Sliding windows for terraces, verandas, balconies


Sliding windows are a popular, rational way to glaze exits to terraces, verandas, and balconies.

Our company offers several types of sliding systems to choose from:

  • patio
    Patio-type parallel sliding systems without tilting

  • patio alversa
    Parallel sliding fittings with tilt function Patio Alversa

  • patio sky
    Parallel sliding systems like Patio Sky

  • patio fold
    Patio Fold type folding systems

The operating principle of a sliding window is simple - the movable sash moves in the plane of the window.
All types of sliding systems meet the following strict requirements:
•    closed doors are airtight, without cracks;
•    window frames are warm to maintain indoor air temperature;
•    the glazed sash is heavy, the fittings must hold it tightly;
•    the sash moves smoothly with little effort on the handle.

Thanks to modern fittings, we offer sliding windows that meet the above requirements. When closed, the fit of the sashes is so tight that it is impossible to feel the difference between a traditional swing system and a sliding one, and you can easily move them with one hand. In addition, sliding windows look aesthetically pleasing and allow maximum light flow.

For convenience, we offer additional clamps that hold the sash in a half-open state.

Sliding windows are equipped with special anti-burglary fittings, which will serve as reliable protection for your home or cottage.

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