Translucent glass


The widespread use of glass is largely due to the fact that this material transmits light almost unhindered. To determine the degree of translucency of glass, the corresponding coefficient is used, which characterizes the ratio of the light flux passed through the glass sheet to that incident on it. For ordinary window glass, this value is about 88%, and this is a very good indicator.

Typically, window glass is visually almost transparent; a slight bluish or greenish tint does not interfere with seeing everything that is behind it. However, there are situations when it is necessary to increase translucency.

Super-transparent glass differs from ordinary glass in its recipe. The translucency index is greatly reduced by impurities of iron oxides, so they strive to eliminate them. Their place is taken by more expensive, but not light-absorbing substances - compounds of silver, gold and titanium. Depending on the composition, it is possible to increase the translucency coefficient to 95%.

It is quite obvious that despite the almost identical production process, glass with increased translucency will cost significantly more. Since for conventional external glazing the difference in the amount of transmitted light is practically unnoticeable, it is not advisable to use such an expensive material for ordinary double-glazed windows.

However, glass with increased translucency is today used not only in optics and for the production of special equipment. Sheets of super-transparent glass can have different thicknesses; this material can be processed in the same way as regular glass, giving it new properties.

Glass with increased translucency differs from ordinary glass even in appearance - they seem cleaner, and when cut, such glass looks slightly bluish, somewhat reminiscent of a precious stone.

Our company offers the production of wooden windows with double-glazed windows made of translucent glass.

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