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Sprayed mirror glass is sometimes called architectural, as it is often used for cladding facades, but it can also be seen in shop windows and in interior spaces. Excellent decorative qualities, as well as the ability to reflect heat rays, are its main consumer characteristics. Visually, it really resembles a mirror, but its ability to transmit light rays is not much lower than that of transparent glass.
There are many situations when it is necessary to change the color or light transmittance of glass, that is, to tint it. This can be done in various ways, one of them is glass tinting.
Modern double-glazed windows are superior to conventional windows in almost all characteristics. This happens because their creators are working to improve every design element, including improving energy-saving characteristics.
In the production of our oak wooden windows we use the best that nature gives us. Oak wood is highly valued due to its excellent performance characteristics. The older the oak gets, the more strength it gains. For centuries, this material has been used in construction, to make furniture and wooden barrels. It was noticed that when immersed in water, this tree not only does not begin to rot, but becomes even stronger.
An interesting combination of modern and classic can be seen in a traditional English house in Mid-Country Greenwich. The combination of classic solutions for the bathroom interior and innovative ones for windows brings a unique flavor to the room.
Built in Austria, the house of a non-standard configuration fits well into the landscape.
The CROCUS EXPO IEC hosted the next specialized exhibition “Beautiful Houses, Wooden Houses”, which presented the best solutions in interior design and decor of the living environment. From October 31 to November 3, 2013, thousands of Muscovites and guests of the capital had the opportunity to see the best that can fill their apartments, offices and cottages.
The presented house is the embodiment of the architecture of light. Many windows of various configurations create excellent interior lighting. Second light windows allow you to get light even the farthest corners of the living room and illuminate all interior items.
architecture-project-House-Lombardo.jpg This is a real house, it is located above Lake Lugano, in Switzerland. The four-level villa is located in a hilly area, its massive white silhouette contrasting with the surrounding area in color and architectural style. The upper level of the residence is specially designed withpanoramic windows, offering a unique view of the lake.
1. Beauty and attractiveness Solid wood textures are beautiful and unique, which makes wooden windows a great addition to the exterior and interior of any building.


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