House with panoramic windows

architecture-project-House-Lombardo.jpg This is a real house, it is located above Lake Lugano, in Switzerland. The four-level villa is located in a hilly area, its massive white silhouette contrasting with the surrounding area in color and architectural style. The upper level of the residence is specially designed withpanoramic windows, offering a unique view of the lake. The house is made of glass and concrete, having a somewhat refined appearance, it is nevertheless quite suitable for living. And the evenings overlooking the sunset over Lake Lugano are amazing. design-project-House-Lombardo.jpg exterior-project-House-Lombardo.jpg project-House-Lombardo-5.jpg project-House-Lombardo-6.jpg project-House-Lombardo-9.jpg project-House-Lombardo-12.jpg project-House-Lombardo-13.jpg
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