Oak wood - richness from nature


In the production of our oak wooden windows we use the best that nature gives us.

Oak wood is highly valued due to its excellent performance characteristics. The older the oak gets, the more strength it gains. For centuries, this material has been used in construction, to make furniture and wooden barrels. It was noticed that when immersed in water, this tree not only does not begin to rot, but becomes even stronger.

The physical properties of oak wood largely depend on the age and conditions in which the tree grew. Trees that are sometimes called stone trees grow in dry forests. Their thick, very dark bark hides straw-yellow wood, which is highly hard and has virtually no elasticity. Oaks with light bark grow on wet marshy lands (ols), their heavy, fairly elastic wood has a delicate pinkish tint. Oak trees with transitional characteristics are also common; their bark is gray-brown and their trunk is hollow.

Oak produces heavy, dense wood, the average is 690 kg/cubic meter, some varieties can reach a density of 725 kg/cubic meter. Due to the high hardness, mechanical processing is labor-intensive and requires special equipment.

Oak wood is practically not deformed, products made from it do not crack or warp. This is explained by the fact that with proper drying it is possible to reduce the moisture content of the raw material below 12%, and then the treated wood practically does not absorb moisture.

Oak wood is difficult to chemically treat, reluctantly accepting polishes and impregnations. Natural preservatives do an excellent job of protecting against moisture and fungus, but modern paints and varnishes help bring their properties to almost perfection.

There are more than 20 natural shades of oak wood; due to additional processing, the number of color variations is enormous. The most common processing methods are bleaching, when special compounds give the wood brightness, and artificial staining, which allows all the richness of brown shades to appear. Over time, the wood darkens somewhat, revealing noble tones. Artificial aging - brushing also provides interesting opportunities for the design of finished products.

Thousands of years ago, oaks were deified, attributing mystical properties to these mighty trees. However, even today there are many people who feel the special properties of various types of wood. As for oak, its influence on human energy is purely positive: it is believed that it can transfer its energy to people, strengthen the will and give longevity.

Many perfume compositions include a pleasant smell that comes from oak wood. Its source is essential and aromatic oils, the content of which oak is the leader among deciduous trees. The texture of its wood is very attractive in its regularity. Experienced carvers use the growth pattern of the growth rings and the size of the medullary rays to bring out its natural beauty.

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