Architectural, coated mirror glass

Sprayed mirror glass is sometimes called architectural, as it is often used for cladding facades, but it can also be seen in shop windows and in interior spaces. Excellent decorative qualities, as well as the ability to reflect heat rays, are its main consumer characteristics. Visually, it really resembles a mirror, but its ability to transmit light rays is not much lower than that of transparent glass. The thinnest layer of metal oxide is sprayed onto the future mirror glass in a hot shop. As a result, the mirror film perfectly matches the surface of the glass and is not afraid of physical or chemical influences. Various glasses can be used as a base - transparent, tinted in the mass, energy efficient. Depending on the substance used for spraying and the color of the base glass, it is possible to achieve different shades of the mirror surface - from light silver to titanium, from light azure to deep emerald color, bronze and graphite colors are possible. cottage with wooden windows with double-glazed mirror glass If we compare glass with a mirror coating and tinted glass, the latter tend to absorb the sun's rays, due to which they become very hot. In our latitudes this is not very relevant, but overheating of the glass structure is theoretically possible. The mirror coating reflects heat rays, and they do not penetrate into the room, while the glass does not overheat. Mirror glasses can be subjected to various types of physical and mechanical treatments. Typically, glass with a low reflectivity is additionally tempered to eliminate the possibility of “temperature shock” - damage to the glass due to the fact that different areas of the glass sheet have different temperatures. Coated mirror glass can be installed in double-glazed windows; by combining it with energy-saving and other specially treated glass, the desired physical parameters of a light-permeable structure can be achieved. If you decide that mirror glass will best highlight the architectural design, we can carry out the glazing work. Our technologists will help you choose the optimal parameters for mirror glass, since for successful operation, physical characteristics can be no less important than appearance.
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