10 reasons to choose wooden windows


1. Beauty and attractiveness

Solid wood textures are beautiful and unique, which makes wooden windows a great addition to the exterior and interior of any building.

2. Variety of styles

Wood is an extremely malleable material; it makes it possible to produce windows of the most varied geometries and sizes.

3. Made with specific climates in mind

Many types of wood allow you to choose the optimal one for the windows produced in your climate zone.

4. Environmental friendliness.

New approaches to the use, recycling, regeneration and disposal of wood make this material the most environmentally friendly available.

5. Durability and strength

Well-designed, manufactured using technology, wooden windows have a very long service life, up to 50-70 years

6. Thermal insulation

Wooden window frames have the best thermal insulation ability.

7. Double-glazed windows

Possibility to vary the parameters and formula of the glass unit in a wide range.

8. Easy to maintain

With the advent of new protective impregnations, the window does not require maintenance for a very long period of time. But don't forget to wash them!

9. Wooden windows are supplied with factory-installed double-glazed windows with complete vapor and moisture insulation

10. Wooden windows are timeless

The beauty and practicality of wooden windows allows them to remain on the market for centuries, and new technologies of laminated veneer lumber make wooden windows competitive in price.

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