Solid tinted glass


There are many situations when it is necessary to change the color or light transmittance of glass, that is, to tint it. This can be done in various ways, one of them is glass tinting.

Mass-tinted glass acquires its special properties in a hot shop, when special pigments are added to the molten mass. Due to this, it turns out to be homogeneous, not losing its special properties either over time or under external influence.

The use of such glass for cladding facades, designing entrance lobbies, shop windows and large window openings gives designers the opportunity to create innovative solutions that decorate city streets. However, glass tinted in the mass solves another important problem - it absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation and improves the indoor microclimate.

Metal oxides are used as tinting pigments, which give the glass different shades:
blue or green colors.

tinted glass

Mass-tinted glass, made using modern technology, practically does not distort objects visible from the outside, does not produce glare, and indoor illumination remains as close to natural as possible.

The saturation and color nuances of tinted glass from different companies are not the same, since each manufacturer has its own technological compositions of tinting additives. You can choose both rich and more muted color options.

Appearance is not the only important information when it comes to bulk tinted glass. Depending on the thickness of the sheet, the ability to absorb and transmit sunlight changes, while the reflectivity remains unchanged.

Bulk-tinted glass can be used for single glazing or as part of a double-glazed unit, which significantly improves characteristics such as sun control and thermal insulation. If you order double-glazed windows with glass tinted in the mass, then the glass with special properties will be located on the outside.

Thick, tinted glass has been successfully used in the manufacture of furniture; it can be cut to any size and complex shape.

Our managers will answer your questions regarding the application features and cost of products made from tinted glass.

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