Electrochromic glass

Electrochromic glass is one of the types of Smart glass that has a remarkable ability to change physical properties. Imagine: the same glass can, at the owner’s request, be completely transparent or turn into a wall impenetrable to view. electrochromic-glass It's not fantasy at all, although the visual effect is truly stunning. Due to their high cost, electrochromic glass has not yet become widespread in our country, while abroad they are used to organize advertising campaigns, display windows of expensive stores, and simply to create unusual interiors. One of the most interesting uses of electrochromic glass can be seen in Melbourne. Visitors to the observation deck, located on the 88th floor, find that the floor under their feet becomes transparent, and can literally admire the city from a bird's eye view. To create electrochromic glass, triplex technology is used, which involves “gluing” two or more layers of sheet silicate glass. Between them there is a thin “layer” of electrochromic material, which is a polymer with high electronic conductivity. Under the influence of an electric discharge, the electrochromic material begins to smoothly change its degree of transparency. The process proceeds from the edges to the center of the sheet, and after its completion the effect is maintained without supporting tension. Electrochromic glasses are slightly less transparent than regular glasses. The most common color is dark blue, with green shades available. There are varieties that give not a color, but a mirror effect. The minimum size that electrochromic glass can have is 30 by 30 cm, the standard sheet size is 1.5 by 2.5 meters, but larger sheets can be produced. Electrochromic glasses can be used for single glazing or are included in the design of a double-glazed window. Each element of the translucent structure has its own control unit. Electrochromic glasses are quite massive, so frames of increased strength are made for them; they can be used in aluminum structures. Electrochromic glass can be used in residential premises, which allows you to do without blinds or curtains. The originality of such a solution will certainly be noted by everyone who sees how they work. Electrochromic glasses are designed for a very large number of transition cycles between states, are durable and do not require special care.
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