WitHouse in the program Remodeling TV

The popularity of programs in which ordinary apartments or country houses are turned into stylish and comfortable living spaces is popular largely because every viewer can “try on” design solutions, see new items and successful solutions. Our employees also enjoy watching TV Remake projects, and we are well aware that this is a great opportunity to demonstrate our products. We made the decision to take part in one of the programs without hesitation, as we were confident that we could cope with even a very difficult task. You can find detailed information about the “Estate in the Living Room” project on the PeredelkaTV website, and we will tell you about our contribution to this work. The heroes of the project complained that the huge French window, which served as an exit to a small balcony, caused a lot of problems. It was blowing, and in winter the room was cold and uncomfortable. The general style chosen by the designer required calm, unobtrusive and elegant solutions. It was decided to make the door to the balcony light, light and at the same time warm and comfortable. Double-glazed windows and German ROTO fittings completely solve all functional issues, but it was equally important to provide an aesthetic component. Pine was chosen as the material for making the door. When properly processed, this material becomes strong and durable, and at a very affordable cost has a very respectable appearance. In this case, the pine is painted in a muted light gray color, repeating the tones chosen for interior doors and windows. This French window is especially attractive due to its wooden layouts, which fit perfectly into the “manor” style chosen for decorating the living room. The same layouts can be recommended for interiors in English or Scandinavian styles. French window to the balcony An interesting detail is the elegant aluminum edging framing the glass unit. This touch gives the structure a more modern look; a slightly noticeable metallic sheen gives the glazed openings expressiveness and clarity. balcony window-door made of wood The door handle was not chosen by chance. This is an Italian handmade piece, the aged bronze and graceful patterns perfectly suit the decor of the room. However, it is a perfectly functional door handle that opens and closes the door with ease. We take great pleasure in working with unusual orders; we have also had to implement more complex ideas. Doors of a similar design are already installed in many Moscow houses, and if you want to order a similar one for your apartment, please contact
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