Colored stained glass

Colored stained glass windows are an unusual interior element with powerful energy. Bright, colorful rays of sunlight falling through colored glass create a special mood. It was not in vain that stained glass windows were used in cathedrals - there they give a feeling of the presence of something sublime and unearthly. However, one should not assume that they have no place in a modern interior. With the help of stained glass you can create very interesting interiors of public spaces and residential buildings. It is important that stained glass can be inserted into the frames of wooden double-glazed windows, thereby ensuring heat retention. Stained glass is used not only for windows. Multi-colored glass is used to make beautiful inserts into interior doors; they decorate kitchen facades and cabinet furniture. Decorative panels. Lamp shades, floor lamps, suspended ceilings, false panels and other interior details can be made from stained glass of various sizes. Typically, stained glass is an ornament or picture with a specific plot. Today, both classic, labor-intensive, and modern, faster methods of making stained glass are used: · classic stained glass – pieces of multi-colored glass cut to the desired shape are inserted into a frame, which serves as both a holding and decorative element; · Tiffany stained glass – a simpler method that involves fastening the stained glass elements with self-adhesive foil followed by soldering; · seamless stained glassis produced by sintering or casting a multi-colored glass sheet in special molds; · express stained glass windows are created by covering ordinary glass with varnish or special colored films. In addition to differences in cost, stained glass windows made using different technologies also differ in physical characteristics, such as weight and strength. Our experts can help you decide which stained glass window will best fit into your interior. Contact our consultants
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