Fire-resistant glass as part of double-glazed windows


Ordinary glass breaks when exposed to high temperatures, but with the help of special physical and chemical treatment it can be given special heat resistance. Fire-resistant glass does not collapse at temperatures up to 1000°C for up to 90 minutes, which significantly reduces the threat to human life and the rate of fire spread.

Fire glass has other important properties:
- strength is 6-12 times greater than that of sheet glass of the same thickness and 2-3 times greater than that of tempered glass;
- safety - when destroyed, it breaks into small fragments without sharp edges;
- completely transparent, does not become cloudy when exposed to direct sunlight.

Fire-resistant glass can be used for single glazing and as part of double-glazed windows, and can be processed in the same way as tempered glass, bent, that is, bent according to a pattern. Sheets of fire-resistant glass can be used to create internal partitions and fireproof screens.

Fire-resistant glass can be obtained using lamination or triplex technology. A “pie” is assembled from several layers of glass, between the layers of which there is a special organic or inorganic substance that has special properties.

When a fire occurs, fire-resistant glass is destroyed layer by layer, and the laminating layer gives it additional stability. Typically, when heated, it foams and darkens and becomes viscous in order to hold shards.

Fire-resistant laminated glass, in addition to the ability to prevent the spread of fire, acquires useful characteristics:
- effectively extinguishes thermal radiation;
- delays noise.

Fire-resistant triplex glass may initially have even greater transparency than ordinary glass of the same thickness. This is explained by the high light transmission of the laminating layers, but subsequently under the influence of ultraviolet radiation it may become somewhat cloudy. Fire-resistant glass, made as triplex, cannot be drilled or additionally processed on the edges; it is used as a finished product.

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