Pleated blinds, pleated curtains

pleated blinda vertical
2 sides vertical pleated blinds
Blinds are invariably popular due to the fact that no other element of window design allows you to control the light flux entering the room as quickly and effectively. With just one movement you can completely block the path of the sun's rays, make the window completely transparent or adjust the light level. Modernblindsin terms of their operating principle are not too different from those that appeared in Europe at the end of the eighteenth century. Thin lamella plates, equipped with a simple mechanism that rotates them around the vertical and horizontal axes, do an excellent job of their functions. The variety of materials for making lamellas allows you to satisfy a variety of requirements: environmentally friendly bamboo, high-quality wood, durable aluminum, lightweight plastic and decorative fabrics. Many do not consider the possibility of installingblinds on expensive wooden windowsbecause they do not want to spoil the surface of the frame or believe that this design option is too simple for a sophisticated interior. However, we can offer a new product that will suit the most picky customer - pleated blinds. This type of blinds is sometimes calledpleated curtains, since a variety of fabrics are used for their production, and their decorative qualities can compete with the most sophisticated curtains. The basic principle of operation is the same as in conventional blinds, but there are many advantages: - a wide selection of colors and patterns; - the ability to produce blinds for attic and ceiling windows, arched openings and other complex shapes; - ease of installation and dismantling. The structure is attached to the window frame using Velcro tape or installed under a sealing rubber band; - durability. The panels are made of durable materials that do not fade in the sun; - ease of care. To clean pleated blinds from dust and dirt, just remove the canvas and rinse it in warm water; - the blinds can open from bottom to top, which will be especially appreciated by residents of the first floors. Another interesting possibility of pleated blinds is the use of two materials with different light-absorbing abilities, which give the effect of “day” and “night” curtains. Fabrics with special anti-reflective impregnation and increased UV protection can be used for panels. Pleated curtains can significantly reduce heating and air conditioning costs, as they create pleasant coolness in the summer and block the path of cold air in the winter. Pleated blinds can have a cozy, “homey” look or a strict office look. They can be a modest background or a bright detail of your interior, serve as part of the design, complementing drapes and curtains, or act “solo”. It is this method of protecting windows from sunlight and immodest glances that can be recommended in almost any case. Call! Our managers will answer all questions regarding the order and installation of pleated blinds and help you choose the color and texture of the fabric.
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