Roto window fittings

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The products of the Roto Frank AG concern have been the benchmark in the window fittings market for many years. Since 1935, when Wilhelm Frank invented the revolutionary tilt-and-turn mechanism, innovative thinking and traditional German reliability have produced products that are exemplary but unrivaled. The secret of success, which allows Roto fittings to be several steps ahead of their competitors, is that all products are created in order to make life easier for the people who will use them. Whichever factory of the 13 manufacturing plants located around the world produces ROTO fittings, the company guarantees its full compliance with the highest quality standards. An integrated approach to development and a commitment to anticipating customer needs make Roto the best partner for luxury window manufacturers. The company develops and provides interested companies with technological templates that guarantee quick and correct installation of Roto fittings. By installing Roto handles on our windows, we can be confident in the strength of the materials from which they are made and the reliability of the coating that prevents corrosion . Elegant color options - silver, titanium, brass, bronze and ivory - allow you to choose handles and hinges to match the most expensive window. The mechanisms are as hidden as possible, the hinges are almost invisible, and expensive wooden window has the most advantageous appearance. In a room whose windows are equipped with ROTO fittings, it is not difficult to maintain a comfortable microclimate. The basic design includes two ventilation modes and a blocker that will keep the window open even in strong winds and drafts. The handle locking mechanism prevents damage that could occur due to negligence, and even large and heavy sashes do not sag. The original design of the balcony latch allows you to securely fix the door and then open it with one movement. The reliability and durability of ROTO fittings allow you to have no doubt about the appropriateness of your choice. Mechanisms that can withstand 60 thousand opening cycles without losing smoothness and ease of movement guarantee our customers many years of trouble-free operation. Unsurpassed concern for security and comfort is embodied in the Roto NT line of anti-burglary fittings, which reliably prevent intruders from entering. Our managers will help select the optimal set of ROTO fittingsfor your order, and advise on all issues related to its proper operation.
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