Rafblinds - external, facade blinds

Raft blinds, or façade blinds, are becoming more and more popular. Despite the abundance of different methods for shading window openings, this option is chosen for offices and cottages, residential buildings and administrative buildings. Solar blinds not only effectively redistribute solar flows, but also allow you to get really noticeable savings on heating and air conditioning. Internal blinds are very convenient to use, but they create a kind of greenhouse effect in the room, which is especially unpleasant on hot days. Raft blinds cut off the flow of solar energy even before it hits window glass, so the room becomes much cooler. In winter, raft curtains block the path of cold air flows, retaining heat inside the room. Raft blinds serve as a stylish decoration for the facade of the building, giving it a finished look. The variety of colors allows you to bring external blinds as close as possible to the color of the facade or to make them a rich, dynamic color spot. For noisy urban conditions, the additional sound insulation provided by rain blinds is also important. In addition, the structures made of wide metal slats serve as anti-vandal protection. Raft blinds can be installed both at the construction stage of the building and during operation, and they will serve for many years without additional costs. The high-quality polymer coating of the lamellas makes them virtually impervious to corrosion, and dirt is removed when washed. Negative atmospheric influences cannot damage other structural elements, since the boxes and guides are made of resistant materials. Raft blinds are easy to operate; if desired, they can be manually driven or equipped with an electric motor. Structurally, there are two main types of blind guides - cable and profile. Additional equipment includes sun and wind sensors, a manual remote control, and it is possible to use programmable controlled units. For all questions related to the selection, purchase and installation of rain blinds, please contact our managers.
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