Wooden window sills

Wooden window sill is a solid and impressive companion, without which no beautiful, high-quality window can do. Today there are many options for window designs on the market, but it is natural wood that best harmonizes with the luxury windows that we offer to our clients. Depending on the customer’s preferences and the thickness of the walls, the window sill can be wide, leaving space for pots with your favorite flowers, or compact, allowing you to hang the cornice close to the window. It is quite possible that a wide wooden window sill will serve as a kind of tabletop, especially if the windows do not have traditional curtains, but modern roller blinds. We usually recommend that clients order a window sill from the same wood as the window. However, modern paints and varnishes make it possible to tint the surface, achieving an excellent decorative effect, and with skillful processing, it is difficult to distinguish a pine window sill from an oak one. The durability of wooden window sills is due to the fact that they are easy to restore if damaged. They do not require special care, but if you love flowers, you will have to water them carefully, since even the most waterproof coating is not designed for constant contact with water. Wooden window sills have a pleasant-to-touch surface that replicates the texture of wood fibers. Irregularities invisible to the eye but barely perceptible by the fingertips do not exist because the wood was poorly polished. The ideally smooth surface is coated with a special impregnation, which reveals an individual pattern that gives the wooden window silluniqueness. You can install a wooden window sill not only when installing windows. It's never too late to replace a plastic fake with a real window sill made of quality wood! Our specialists will advise on all issues, take measurements and produce the highest quality window sills for you in a short time!
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