FW 50+.HI: system solutions for vertical facades and translucent roofs

Well-proven in practice, the thermally insulated mullion-transom facade system Schüco FW 50+ allows the production of vertical facades and translucent roofs of various concepts and designs, including those with a large raster width and installation height, as well as segmented outward and inward.
Roof shapes: from single-pitched to large arches for large objects such as shopping centers or administrative buildings.
The .SI (Super Insulation) system solution not only ensures compliance with today's energy efficiency standards (EnEV), but even exceeds them in terms of Uf-value, reaching a value of 0.7 W/(m²K). It is also possible to implement curtain wall facades made of aluminum according to the passive house standard.

Schüco FW 50+ CW: cold-warm façade

The Schüco FW 50+ CW system for the construction of cold-warm facades is designed for the installation of any smooth and flat panels and includes all components for connecting to the wall, as well as fastening for the substructure.
An additional advantage is a significant reduction in construction time, since the construction of the facade and interior finishing can be carried out simultaneously.
Very economical solutions due to prefabricated monolithic construction
Flexibility in the distribution of cold and warm zones

Product benefits

  • Small visible width: 50 or 60 mm
  • Implementation of facades with high heights and significant width of the light opening due to the ability to withstand glass loads of up to 6 kN
  • A wide range of decorative overlays allows you to choose different design options when decorating the facade, for example, overlays with visible screw connections, flat overlays or overlays with imitation stainless steel
  • FW 50+ can be designed to emphasize vertical or horizontal lines, with double-sided linear glazing
  • It is possible to implement bulletproof, burglary and explosion-resistant designs
  • Fire-resistant façade solution (BF) is also possible
  • Hidden integration of lightning rods into the façade system
  • Translucent roofs are compatible with all Schüco roof windows
  • Easy and quick installation thanks to high degree of pre-assembly
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