How windows affect us

Хороший вид из окна - залог здоровья и хорошего настроения

In a short series of articles we will try to talk about how the design, type, type, geometry and location of windows affect the quality of life and the degree of satisfaction with your home.

Since there is no data for Russia or it is extremely difficult to obtain, all examples and types used in the articles belong to Europe or America.

So, let's begin.

Having asked many home owners what they like or value in their home, the vast majority answered: location and view from the window.
Agree, this is relevant both for cottage development and for high-rise buildings in residential areas.
Many are willing to overpay for a better location and view, which is easy to understand, since the view of the blank wall of the neighboring house does not bring joy.

If with standard houses in residential areas everything is more or less predictable and is determined at the stage of choosing a home, in the case of individual development many factors can be controlled.

For example, natural light.

People, in principle, do not differ from plants in their love of light. Living in a naturally lit room they are healthy and beautiful, but in the dark they wither and get sick. Natural light is a source of health for our body, mind and spirit and a healthy living environment.

Regardless of your income, every room in your home should have a window. Even utility and sanitary premises can have skylight windows. And there’s no need to talk about the central room in the house; panoramic glazing and second-light windows are appropriate here.

Don't skimp on windows, because you're saving on your health!

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