Creative tandem

Surprisingly, it turns out that our customers are never perceived by us as just clients, our relationships almost always become friendly, we meet and communicate with pleasure, watch each other’s news on networks, support us in everything and enjoy all each other’s achievements…. So today is one of such examples. Big house for a big family. One of the features of this project is that the customers, parents of 3 adult children who already have their own families, decided to build a house in which it would be convenient for everyone to spend time together... Preserving family traditions, sincere family dinners, games with grandchildren, you must agree, this is very important for each family, at the same time the house is so large that there is a place and opportunity for everyone to retire and be alone with themselves.. The windows are made of premium quality larch, translucent color, preserving the texture of the wood. The decorative layout gives the windows a beautiful, elegant look. There are mid-hung oval windows, I’ll show you their features in the following videos... The first stage of glazing was completed several years ago, the windows have been tested by both the changing seasons and construction work. Now is a new stage - we are starting to glaze the winter garden, skylight, as well as manufacturing entrance doors. There is still a lot of interesting things ahead: a lot of work on interior decoration, furniture, etc. We will coordinate the interiors and design in a creative tandem with the wonderful designer Olga Plenidina
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