Wooden windows and security


When deciding to install wooden windows, many customers think not only about their aesthetic and operational characteristics. Prudent and practical people are also concerned about safety, and such an important issue should be considered comprehensively in order to cover all aspects.

Fire safety of wooden windows

It is well known that wood is a flammable material. However, wood treated with a special composition becomes extremely resistant to fire, and even in the event of a fire, it does not burn, but smolders. In addition, when producing profiled timber, the layers are laid in such a way that the wood fibers are directed in different directions. Due to these measures, a modern wooden window behaves completely differently in a fire than a conventional solid wood window. Unlike plastic profiles, even when burning, substances hazardous to health are not released, therefore, from the point of view of fire safety, the wooden windows we produce can be considered a very good choice.

Passive safety of wooden windows

Unclosed windows may be considered by intruders as an open path into the apartment. By setting modern windows to ventilation mode, you don’t have to worry that a thief will get into your apartment this way. If we are talking about confronting criminals who resort to burglary, then special locking hardware will reliably prevent attempts to open the window through the use of special pins, multi-point locks and reinforced fixation of the lower part of the sash.

If films with special properties are used in the manufacture of double-glazed windows, glass surfaces can be turned into real armor. Triplex glass is absolutely transparent, and it is almost impossible to visually distinguish them from ordinary glass. At the same time, it is extremely difficult to damage the integrity of such a glazing structure. Even with a very strong impact, it will not break, but will become covered with cracks.

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