Smart windows - windows with climate control

Our main goal is to satisfy all client requests as fully as possible, so we can offer not just high-quality windows strong>, but also to make them “smart”. For this purpose, the most modern humidity control systems and devices for remote control of windows are used.

With our windows the air will always be fresh!

Since double-glazed windows almost hermetically close the window opening, the issue of timely ventilation is quite acute. Of course, you can set the windows to micro-ventilation mode, but this is not always convenient. For example, if there are children in the house, or when the owners are away for a long time. It is especially harmful when the air stagnates in a recently renovated apartment furnished with new furniture. The characteristic smell is far from the most unpleasant, because its presence indicates the presence of substances harmful to health in the air. In houses located near busy roads, you don’t want to open the windows again because of the noise. The optimal solution to always ensure fresh air in the room is a humidity control system. A miniature supply valve equipped with a humidity sensor will ensure the supply of air in the volumes necessary to maintain a comfortable microclimate, while there will be no draft and the noise level will not increase. If you decide to block the air flow, you simply close the valve. Climate control systems are also good because they can be installed on fixed windows.

Automation will do everything for you.

Remote window control devices allow you to open or close a window without even getting close to it. They are usually installed on roof windows or in places where access to the window is difficult. If the remote control mechanism is equipped with rain sensors, in case of bad weather it will close without human intervention. If you have a desire to install windows equipped with humidity control systems and remote control, please contact our managers by phone.
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