Windows and Interior

Modern requirements for the interiors of residential premises, offices and leisure facilities are quite high. In addition to purely practical purposes, wooden windows play a significant role in creating an atmosphere of calm coziness or special comfort, chic or bourgeois, rigor or sophistication. Windows were traditionally made of wood, and in different countries, climatic conditions and national traditions left a certain imprint on their appearance. The social status of the house owners was also important, since few could afford to order windows with a complex configuration. It is clear that the small windows in the modest homes of ordinary Norwegians were radically different from the spacious windows in the houses of the French nobility. Gothic buildings still amaze the imagination today with multi-colored stained glass windows, and arched windows directed towards the sky give them a sublime appearance. Centuries later, the desire to express individuality characteristic of the era of modernism was manifested in the appearance of windows of bizarre geometry. In a modern city, buildings built in the Baroque style with unusual window decorations and high-tech buildings with emphasized minimalism and increased attention to ergonomics can coexist on the same street. It is noteworthy that wooden windows easily fit into absolutely any interior. Modern methods of wood processing and manufacturing technologies for window frames practically do not limit designers, since it is possible to create huge glazed structures and small window frames, familiar rectangular, fancy arched, nice semicircular and practical trapezoidal wooden windows. Another achievement of modern technologies in window production is the ability to glaze huge window and door openings with virtually no heat loss. Even in the harsh Russian climate, architectural solutions that recreate the atmosphere of southern patios with the help of huge wooden windows take root. Today, traditional rectangular windows are most often ordered, but their usual severity can be easily softened with the help of decorative overlays, and stylish fittings can become that expressive detail that will determine the entire appearance of the product. Thanks to the natural diversity of wood or the skillful use of paints and varnishes, our craftsmen achieve amazing results, and wooden windows become a real decoration for a wide variety of interiors. wooden-windows-in-interior-1.jpg wooden-windows-in-interior-2.jpg wooden-windows-in-interior-3.jpg wooden-windows-in-interior-4.jpg wooden-windows-in-interior-5.jpg
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