A winter garden and an old house are a great combination!

The project called "The Glass House" was installed on the basis of a traditional house with an extension to it winter garden strong> . As a result, the building took on a very modern look, with a bright and light interior. This project has won awards from AR Design Studio in Winchester, England and can serve as an example for home owners who want to expand the space with an original conservatory. Or just as a flight of fancy for your future home. The client retained the traditional façade and added a contemporary touch with the added conservatory. wintergarden-front.jpg wintergarden-glass.jpg wintergarden-inside.jpg wintergarden-inside-1.jpg wintergarden-inside-2.jpg wintergarden-inside-3.jpg wintergarden-inside-4.jpg wintergarden-inside-5.jpg wintergarden-inside-6.jpg wintergarden-side.jpg The glass used in the project in combination with traditional materials allows you to completely rethink the feeling and atmosphere of the old house. Light streaming through panoramic glazing along with traditional elements enhances the contrasts between old and new. What do you think of this explosion of minimalism?
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