A little about wooden windows


Wooden windows

Reliable protection from bad weather, aesthetic design and the absence of problems over many years of operation - these are perhaps the main requirements set by customers when glazing window openings. Wooden windows fully meet consumer expectations, and at the same time have many more advantages.

Flight of fancy

If you want to order a wooden window, you can first select the window shape from the standard catalog, then decide on the wood and select one of the many possible options for processing internal and external surfaces. Or you can simply describe your design idea, and our specialists will select the best way to implement it. A wooden window can be a dominant element of the façade design or simply a noble background that makes it possible to appreciate other accents. Almost any architectural solution can be implemented using wooden windows. The different physical properties of different types of wood and a variety of processing methods make it possible to create windows of a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Air freshness

There is an opinion that wooden windows maintain an optimal microclimate in the room due to the ability of wood to “breathe”. However, in reality the surface area of the frame is not large enough to provide the required air exchange. Traditional wooden windows coped with this task rather due to the presence of gaps between the window sashes and the frame, which had to be sealed or otherwise sealed during the cold season. Wooden windows with double-glazed windows completely exclude such “natural ventilation”, so they must be equipped with modern devices for micro-ventilation.

The joy of ownership

In addition to material characteristics such as thermal conductivity or specific sound absorption, wooden windows have qualities that are difficult to capture in numbers. Almost all customers consider wooden windows to be prestigious, increasing the status of the home owner. Like other status items, elite wooden windows indicate the wealth and taste of the owner. A wooden window adds a touch of individuality even to a typical urban high-rise building project. For some buildings that have their own history and character, timber windows are the only viable option for replacing dilapidated windows. And even more so, the windows of a new house should avoid soulless plastic decoration.

Quality availability

Over the years, when wood was practically the only material for making window frames, people have learned to make the most of all its advantages and compensate for its shortcomings. Modern technologies for manufacturing wooden windows make it possible to offer truly high-quality products at a reasonable price.
When it comes to the cost of wooden windows, you need to clarify what material we are talking about. The price range for wooden windows is wide, but almost every customer can choose an option that suits their taste.

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