Bereg FM

Today the Whithouse company is pleased to welcome you from such a beautiful place with a romantic name - Bereg FM.

Here we carried out glazing work on the house, garage and terrace. Let's take a closer look at these beautiful larch windows... chic gray graphite color and absolutely safe glass...

Large windows, such as the sliding portal system Patio Life 4500 meters wide and 2300 meters high, such designs allow you to save space indoors, unlike casement windows, and also let in more light and create a large space for passage between the room and the street.

We installed the windows in the house and garage in a log house, using the installation unit we developed for wooden houses
Each window and door is made with a shrinkage profile, it creates a floating structure and window structures do not depend on the movement of the walls when the house shrinks.

Decorative trims and visors are not only for beauty, each of them covers the joints, such correct professional installation creates absolute protection from blowing.

The terrace windows are installed in a wooden frame, without casing...

It is worth noting, of course, that glazing with such large panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows erases boundaries, opening the doors in the warm season makes it easy to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The bright warm sun, which we constantly lack, will easily penetrate this house and fill it with warmth and natural light...

Now the customers are busy improving the interior space, when all the work is completed, we will be happy to come visit again, show how our glazing will harmoniously fit into the interior and. design of this beautiful house.

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