Glazing of a cottage on Patriarch's Ponds

Perhaps the most stylish project of the 2020 season!

You can forever look at fire and water or at the combination of stone and wood, as in this expressive and textured house. You look at him, and the words are not immediately chosen, but only interjections and snatches of admiration, how good he is!

And if you look closely at it, you will see that here we covered our timber windows with metal. The glazing at this facility uses the INTEGRAL profile system.
What makes it special?
From the street side, only the frame aluminum profile is visible, and the sash profile is visually absent.

On the second floor we installed several mid-hung windows, i.e. when opened, the window rotates around a horizontal axis by 180 degrees and opens with the bottom outward, so the window sills can be decorated with flowers, and any furniture can be placed in front of the window - there will be no interference!

Also, mid-hung windows, even if they are small, create optimal conditions for ventilation. And they are easy to care for - turn them over, wash them and a “clean” world is before your eyes.

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