Installation of wooden windows

Installation of wooden windows is the final stage of work, on which the subsequent operation of the window structure largely depends. Strict adherence to technological instructions, use of modern sealing materials and high-quality tools
and fasteners, ensure that the window structure will provide the required thermal, air and sound insulation.


The main technological operation that the surveyor performs is determining the geometric dimensions of the opening. In this case, techniques are used that make it possible to record existing deviations in the vertical and horizontal planes.


The issue of the cost and feasibility of window repairs should be discussed with specialists, since in some cases it is more rational to simply replace them. Our managers will answer questions related to the repair of wooden windows in more detail.

Restoration of wooden windows

Restoration of various types of mechanical damage (scratches, chips) that form on the wood of frames and window sills during operation allows you to hide even quite noticeable defects. This usually does not require removing the frames; experienced
craftsmen do the work right on the spot.

Window adjustment

After the installation specialists leave, your windows will open and close perfectly, but if after some time frequently used mechanisms begin to squeak, drafts or other problems arise, do not put off calling
our support team.

Replacement of double-glazed windows

Replacing single-chamber packages with multi-chamber or energy-saving ones can significantly reduce heat loss, and the use of special films can turn ordinary windows into unbreakable ones, make their surface mirror-like, or prevent penetration into
exposure to unwanted sunlight. New double-glazed windows can literally change the appearance of a building if decorative layouts are used in their manufacture.
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