Installation of wooden window blocks


Installation of wooden windows is the final stage of work, on which the subsequent operation of the window structure largely depends. To ensure long and flawless service, we carry out all installation work in strict accordance with GOST 30971-2002. It is this document that determines the sequence of work to prepare window openings for the installation of window blocks, establishes requirements for installation seams and maximum deviations of installation gaps.

Strict adherence to technological instructions, the use of modern sealing materials, high-quality tools and fasteners ensure that the window structure will provide the required thermal, air and sound insulation. On the contrary, unprofessional actions of window installers can lead to the window structure collecting condensation or leaking air. In the worst case, significant deformation of the frames is possible, which will lead to a breakdown requiring replacement of the window unit. At each stage of work there are nuances, neglect of which will inevitably negatively affect the overall result.

Preparation of window openings

Before the actual installation begins, it is necessary to prepare the window openings. If necessary, old window blocks are dismantled, then the openings are thoroughly cleaned of dirt. If the surfaces of the slopes were destroyed during the dismantling process, they are restored to prevent the formation of cold bridges.

Installation and fastening of a wooden window block

When installing and securing window units, it is important not to allow the installation gaps to deviate from the standard values. Installation seams must be made taking into account temperature and humidity conditions, following the instructions of the manufacturer of insulating materials. An internal vapor barrier layer must be laid along the entire contour of the window opening.

Finishing a wooden window

The arrangement of window sills, slopes and window drains not only gives the structure a finished look, but also serves to seal the junction of the internal slopes with the mounting seams and the frame of the window block. It is important to prevent the formation of thermal bridges and cracks through which moisture will enter the assembly seams.
Our specialists act harmoniously and quickly, and all window installation work is carried out in the shortest possible time.

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