Restoration and repair of wooden windows with double glazing

зачистка окна перед реставрацией
шлифмашинка для зачистки окон
реставрация окон из дерева, зачисткаа рамы
отреставрированное окно из дерево
Restoration of wooden windows is a painstaking work to restore their original appearance. Unless we are talking about antique windows made of precious wood, which have historical and artistic value, the complete restoration of an ordinary wooden window is so labor-intensive that replacing it with new ones in most cases it will be cheaper. As for the restoration of modern windows with double-glazed windows, it is much easier to return them to their original appearance and the ability to protect the windows from the cold. Window restoration may also be required if the owners want to radically change the appearance of the windows, for example, make light wood dark or cover it with a layer of paint.
Restoration of various types of mechanical damage (scratches, chips) that form on the wood of frames and window sills during operation allows you to hide even quite noticeable defects. Usually this does not require removing the frames; experienced craftsmen do the work right on site. If the window is in poor condition, then it has to be removed from its hinges, the glass unit removed and all the fittings removed. Then the frames are completely cleaned of old paint and varnish materials, and covered in several layers with new impregnations, varnish or paint. Then the window is reassembled, fittings are installed and hung. This process takes a lot of time, and the owners have to worry about how to protect the window openings during this time. The exact cost of work on the restoration of wooden windows and the timing of their completion can only be announced after a specialist visits for inspection and assessment of labor intensity. You can discuss the feasibility of restoring wooden windows with our managers. We carry out restoration of historical windows!
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