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For customers accustomed to choosing the best, we offer elite wooden windows. Windows made of oak and meranti are included in the category of expensive and prestigious, the price / quality is guaranteed by the windows made of larch, and for those who are practical - pine windows. The quality and performance characteristics meet the strict requirements for window structures. Elite windows - for glazing cottages built according to an individual project. Original windows made from specially treated wood will decorate the interior, indicating wealth and the taste of the owners. Our designers will help you choose design options, and decorative overlays will be designed turn windows into works of art.
We recommend creating an island of comfort that does not disrupt the unity with nature, which is why we offer a choice of beautiful, practical and functional sliding structures.
In the modern world, a “Winter Garden” is a structure attached to a house; it can be the most various sizes, shapes, configurations and colors. This structure makes it possible to expand residential space in where you can arrange a billiard room, solarium, greenhouse or a comfortable place to relax. It all depends on yours fantasies and architect's concept.
Stained glass windows using the Tiffany technique - unusual, noble and Expensive. Stained glass windows are akin to fairy-tale paintings and living fantasies; they are woven into the interior with a light and sophisticated arrangement. We We offer a full range of services for creating a work art. EveryThe stained glass window is an individual creation of the artist, which implements your idea into an actual product.
Choosing an individual entrance door is not an easy or responsible matter. Custom-made entrance doors are the hallmark of any city apartment or country house, because this is the first thing that greets guests. In addition to aesthetic type of door must reliably protect the house from penetration and burglary, protect from cold and have a long service life.
A stylish interior will add special charm and personality to your home. To you I want positive changes in my home, then classic or modern, beautiful interior doors will become exactly the highlight that will attract attention.
Furniture is an integral component of any interior. In an effort to decorate their home or apartment, our customers choose furniture from a variety of geometric shapes, various shades, making the space cozy and functional. Be it classic luxury furniture, the status of which is emphasized lush decor and natural wood, or modern multifunctional with laconic design furniture.
Handmade designer furniture [BLACK]. Made by hand.
The installation is a form of contemporary art, spatial a composition created from various elements and representing an artistic whole. From an original combination a work of art is born. This art form is Unlike traditional painting and sculpture, it is three-dimensional and intended to transform the Customer’s perception of space. We offer high-quality and unique products that have no analogues - lighting installations using glass blowing technology. Installations easily compete and They even surpass European brands in quality.
Vithouse curved floorboards are made from a variety of exotic woods (oak, walnut, teak, rosewood, teak, sapele, zebrawood, etc.) with a classic tongue-and-groove connection of various types width and thickness according to individual project.
Accessories for wooden windows. They complement the functionality of a wooden window and create a complete exterior view.
Restoration of various types of mechanical damage (scratches, chips) that form on the wood of frames and window sills during operation, allows you to hide even quite noticeable defects. Usually this does not require removing the frames; experienced craftsmen do the work right on site.
We use only high-quality wood, the best paints and fittings from world-class manufacturers. name. We carry out orders in a short time under constant quality control. Our wood productslast a long time! You can get a consultation by phone: 8 (499) 917 08 10; +7 (915) 022 83 61
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