Accessories for wooden windows


Anti-mosquito nets

A pleated anti-mosquito net is a structure consisting of an accordion-folded fabric and a mechanism that allows you to control the opening. In addition to thoughtful functionality, this type of mosquito nets has an impeccable appearance.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds can have a cozy, “homey” look or a strict office look. They can be a modest background or a bright detail of your interior, serve as part of the design, complementing drapes and curtains, or act “solo”. This is the way to protect windows. from sun rays and immodest glances can be recommended in almost any case

Awnings, sun canopies

Awnings are an original and practical way not only to protect yourself from sunlight, but also to give the facade a more attractive look. Sun canopies are installed in summer cafes, in private homes, in shops, and in offices.

Raft blinds

Rafblinds not only effectively redistribute solar flows, but also allow you to get truly tangible savings on heating and air conditioning

ROTO fittings

In a room whose windows are equipped with ROTO fittings, it is not difficult to maintain a comfortable microclimate. The basic design includes two ventilation modes and a blocker that will keep the window open even in strong winds and drafts.

Window sills

A wooden window sill is a solid and impressive companion, without which not a single beautiful, high-quality window can do. Today there are many options for window designs on the market, but it is natural wood that harmonizes best with elite windows that we offer to our clients.


Wooden slopes are the most sophisticated and elegant way to seal window openings. Such slopes will perfectly harmonize with elite wooden windows, and together with a wooden window sill they will form a complete design element.


Flashings are an important element of glazing design, performing various functions: • protecting the joint filled with mounting foam between the window frame and the window opening from precipitation; • promote water drainage and prevent swelling on the façade; • give a finished look to the window, can be used to give the appearance of the building individuality.


Modern methods of external design of window openings have taken the best that previous generations have created and combined them with modern technologies for processing and protecting wood. As a result, wooden shutters appeared - aesthetic, reliable and comfortable.


From a practical point of view, wooden trims are overhead strips that cover the gaps that form between the wall and the window or door frame. But from the point of view of aesthetics, this is exactly the finishing touch, in the absence of which it is impossible to feel the harmony and completeness of the design of the openings.
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